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  • If you are allergic to cats or candles, tell me immediately!

  • Vocalists should warm up and hydrate before arriving. Do not drink cold liquids after you warm up—that has the opposite effect.

  • Stringed instruments (guitars, violins, etc.) need fresh strings to avoid sounding "dead" in recordings, but they also need time to settle after you change them. Old strings will not have a full frequency response, and I cannot boost frequencies that don't exist. Know your instrument and plan accordingly. (Bring your old strings for recycling.)

  • Be rested, and caffeinated if necessary.

  • Bring a printed copy of your lyrics and chord chart for me to keep. If you use a capo, provide the actual chords—for example, a capo on the second fret turns a C Major into a D Major, and I need to know what the chord sounds like, not what it looks like.

  • Plan your day around your studio session so that you are not rushed.

  • Dress comfortably and appropriately for the weather. I cannot always run the A/C while recording because it generates noise.
  • If you can't be on time, be a few minutes early.
  • You may park anywhere in the driveway that is not blocked by a traffic cone.

  • If you're sick, you must notify me. I will gladly reschedule your session.

  • There is a smoking area outside the studio.

  • Photography is encouraged! Please tag @theratfactorystudio.

  • You will need a Discord account. This is how you will receive your mixes and give me feedback.

  • For singer-songwriters, your song will probably be completed over three separate sessions: (1st) record the basics of your song and discuss your vision; (2nd) record lead vocals; (3rd) record harmonies and additional vocals. In between those sessions, I will construct your band (drums, bass, strings, etc.) and send you mixes for your approval.


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