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Hello, I'm Philip, the owner-operator of The Rat Factory. I performed in school bands starting at the age of twelve, continued through high school, and then began studying music theory at UC Davis in 1991. Though I've been fortunate to share the stage with musical geniuses and bona fide rock stars, my most rewarding experience has been coaching young musicians in the annual Stairway to Stardom program as they took their first steps into the world of songwriting, stage performance, and recording.

Today I live in Carmichael, California with my wife, daughter, and many rescued animals. The Rat Factory was born in 2020 during the pandemic lockdown because I had music to record and nowhere to go. My family has been supportive in allowing me to convert the back of my home into a recording studio, and we've all been rewarded by some amazing talent coming through our front door.

I have made my musical journey, and while I still have my sights on new personal challenges, I feel obliged to share my experience and skills with the next generation of musicians and songwriters. Bring your talent to The Rat Factory and let's make some magic!

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